Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What To Look For When Purchasing A Cane

When looking to purchase a cane there are several factors to consider.  The styles and materials used in cane making differ a great deal.  Consumers need to understand about basic cane varieties before looking to make a purchase.  Vintage canes can be found for sale in several locations such as online outlets, antique shops and second hand resale shops.  Canes that are found online or at resale shops are often more reasonably priced then those found at other outlets.
For the most part all canes are composed similarly.  Walking canes are created of an elongated, durable post that has a handle or knob to rest a hand on.  Not only have canes been used as supportive walking devices but have also been used as fashion accessories.  The main element to look for in a cane is comfort especially when looking to purchase a cane as a stability device.
Canes classically used for walking are mainly made from wood, glass, bone or strong plastic; most often they are referred to as walking sticks.  When you are interested inpurchasing a cane and adorn it with a topper or badge they should shop around as removable toppers come in a variety of animals or birds.
Round shaped knobs adorn walking canes; these are known as knob-handled walking sticks.  Knobs on this style of cane are usually created from a variety of wood, metals, glass or plastic.  Sometimes wooden knobbed walking canes are created from the same piece of wood from the post to the cane.  Other material selections like metal, glass or plastic are either glued or screwed into the cane.
Cane users that are looking for fashionable canes to wear as an accessory piece are known as dress canes.  The more decorative the cane the better when it comes to canes that are used as accessories.  Dress canes most often come from antler materials or bone.  Dress canes are most often used in evening outings.
The oldest style of cane available on the market are known as crook canes.  The handles on these canes are shaped similarly to a shepherd’s cane.  Crook canes of the modern era offer a less exaggerated, shorter version of the shepherd hook.  If an individual is looking to use the cane as extra support this is the style of cane that is most often chose.
Another popular option in canes is the sword cane.  A sword cane comes with a hidden blade sunk inside a cane post.  The topper of the cane is attached to the sword not the cane post.  This allows the cane to easily be pulled from the base.  In a dangerous situation a cane can be pulled from the post.  A sword cane can be considered a concealed weapon and therefore are illegal in quite a few states.
There are numerous aspects to look into when purchasing a cane.  The type of cane you purchase will depend on if you are looking to display the piece as part of a collection or for use the piece for the purpose of stability.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Common Collectible Canes

Collectors of canes, walking sticks, are mainly interested in the types of canes that were used as accessories in fashion over those used as orthopedic supports.  Traditionally, individuals would choose to accessorize their wardrobe with the use of a cane.  The canes quality was representative of the person’s social standings, wealth and level of power within the community.  This happens today in similar fashion with the jewelry, shoes, handbags and such.  Reminiscent of how past cultures sought out canes today we seek out designer handbags and other types of fashion accessories.
Every collector and type of collection has their own unique set of “rules” per se on what makes a piece valuable.  Cane collectors understand that collectible canes will often show some visible signs of wear as they were used by individuals on a daily basis.  Antique canesare valued based on a number of things. The materials the cane is made out of as well as the condition, age, rarity, demand, authenticity and style all come into play when determining the canes worth.
There are three common types of canes that are collected: gadget canes, decorative canes and folk art canes.  Practically all canes have four basic components that are universal: handle, collar, shaft and ferrule.  When determining the age and authenticity of antique canes look at how the canes pieces are assembled, the way the parts are manufactured and the materials of what it is made from.
For instance, a proper ferrule is important in authenticating antique canes.  It is important to note that folk art pieces are not included in this.  Most vintage ferrules are created from bimetal, steel where the tip meets the ground and surrounded by brass sleeves.  Modern canes may have bimetal ferrules however it is not the norm.  Collectible cane tips will show some wear unless they have been recently replaced or the cane itself is a replica.  Worn ferrules are usually a sure sign that the cane is an antique.
Another thing about cane ferrules that allows collectors to authenticate them is the way in which it is attached to the shaft.  Vintage tips are secured to the shaft in a fashion that makes it almost impossible to remove by hand.  The shaft and ferrule is aligned perfectly; if the edge of the tip is above the surface of the shaft this is an indication that the original ferrule has been replaced or is a reproduction.
For more foolproof tips on establishing the authenticity of antique canes check in with organizations such as the International Association of Antique Umbrella and Cane Collectors.  Their main purpose is to collaborate and educate others on the art of collecting canes and related items.
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Wonderful World Of Antique Canes

Antique canes, traditional walking sticks and old-fashion umbrellas are all items that were integral in history.  They were all used as a symbol of an individual’s status from presidential candidates to celebrities.  Below you will find some interesting facts surrounding walking sticks, canes, umbrellas and more.
In pictures of magicians from the twentieth century you almost always see them holding a cane.  It was a main prop used in a magicians act.  They waved the canes over top hats, magic boxes and more always producing an illusion of grand proportions.  Master magician Cardini was often photographed with an intricate cane.  His walking stick was topped with an intricate gold topper.  When the antique cane was put up from auction by Potter & Potter Auctions in April of 2013 it sold to a collector for eleven thousand dollars.
Antique canes and walking sticks can be seen as far back as the prehistoric era.  Walking sticks and canes offered a degree of protection and stability as well as showing ones affiliation within their cultural organization as well as their status in society.
In 1988 a group of individuals came together to form the American National Cane Club.  The club was used to bond together the folks that carved antique canes and walking sticks.  The American National Cane Club is still known for their project that involves carving canes for military veterans.
Antique canes, walking sticks and umbrellas come in three distinct categories: gadget, folk art and city sticks.  Gadget canes, gadget umbrellas and gadget walking sticks are still popular amongst collectors.  They offer a clever design that conceals tools and weapons within the piece.  Weapon canes were a way sinister way in which individuals would obscure lethal weapons that offered protection against potential threats.
Walking sticks and antique canes were often created from a number of unique materials from hand carved wood to narwhal tusks.  The handles were crafted using porcelain, glass, gold, gems and other embellishments.  Designs were often carved into each piece to represent the owners rank, function or profession.
Often times the knob of an antique cane was the most popular aspect. Distinct handles on antique canes and unique knobs on walking sticks made the piece more valuable to collectors.  Uncommon materials and designs can yield top dollar at auctions.  An English cane featuring a certain silver intrigue of birds and animals is thought to be able to fetch upwards of fifteen thousand dollars at auction.
Antique canes captivate a unique group of collectors because they are so unique and vary a great deal from one another.
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